"War" is a non-fictional, progressive metal rock opera featuring: Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire), Vitalij Kuprij (Artension), Andre Vuurboom (ex-Sun Caged), Irene Janssen, Lance King, Bjorn Jansson (Tears of Anger/Imaginery). All the music was composed by Lars Eric Mattsson. Complex arrangements and highly original compositions fill up Mattsson's(without a doubt) heaviest release to date.

War - a rock opera about the state of this planet we call the Earth.

Where's Our Chance.
Your Dream.
Deep In The Shadows.
Smoke And Mirrors.
A Dreamer's Lullaby.
This Is The End.
War Suite Concerto.

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, keyboards and voices
Mark Boals - Lead Vocals on "Deep In The Shadows".
Björn Jansson - Lead Vocals on "This Is The End"
André Vuurboom - Leed Vocals on "Smoke & Mirrors".
Lance King - Lead Vocals on "Your Dream"
Vitalij Kuprij - Keyboard Solos
Irene Janssen - Lead Vocals on "Where's Our Chance" and "A Dreamer's Lullaby"
Ella Grusnner - Lead Vocals on "Requiem" and choirs
Cocki Sarling - Lead Vocals on "Requiem" and choirs.
Eddie Sledgehammer - Drums